Worlds of Weber

Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington and Other Stories

CoverA mammoth volume (over 250,000 words) of the many facets of one of science fiction’s most popular talents. Here are treecats, starships, dragons, alternate history, self-aware Bolo supertanks, wizards, sailing ships, ironclads—and, of course, Weber’s fantastically popular starship commander, Honor Harrington. For nearly two decades, David Weber has been taking enthralled readers to destinations strange and fantastical, from his best-selling Honor Harrington novels and short stories to the heroic fantasy of Bahzell of the Hrandai, and the shared universe stories set in worlds of his own creation, and those of others, such as Eric Flint’s best-selling Ring of Fire series, the popular Bolo series of Keith Laumer and more.

 Visit 17th-century Magdeburg for the creation of the United States Navy a hundred and fifty years early, and go with John Paul Jones as he wins the Revolutionary War—For George III. Fight dragons and demons with U.S. Marines in a most unexpected campaign, find out how humans and treecats first met and share Honor Harrington’s very first battle. But once you step into the worlds of Weber, you may not want to go home again.

About the Author

 David Weber is the science fiction phenomenon of the decade.  His popular Honor Harrington novels are New York Times best sellers and can't come out fast enough for his devoted readers.  He has also begun a top-selling epic SF Adventure series in collaboration with John Ringo, with four novels so far: March  Upcountry, March to the sea, March to the Stars and We Few.  His Wind Rider's Oath, another New York Times best sellers, continues his popular fantasy adventure series.

Cover Art by Bob Eggleton

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This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental.

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"Introduction" (copyright © 2008); "A Certain Talent" (copyright © 1996, originally published in The Williamson Effect); "In the Navy" (copyright © 2004, originally published in Ring of Fire); "The Captain from Kirkbean" (copyright © 1998, originally published in Alternate Generals); "Sir George and the Dragon" (copyright © 2001, originally published in Foreign Legions); "Sword Brother" (copyright © 2007, originally published in Oath of Swords, revised 2007 edition); "A Beautiful Friendship" (copyright © 1998, originally published in More Than Honor); "Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington" (copyright © 2001, originally published in Changer of Worlds); "Miles to Go" (copyright © 1995, originally published in Bolos 3: The Triumphant); "The Traitor" (copyright © 1997, originally published in Bolos 4: The Last Stand)

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Honor Harrington:

On Basilisk Station
The Honor of the Queen
The Short Victorious War
Field of Dishonor
Flag in Exile
Honor Among Enemies
In Enemy Hands
Echoes of Honor
Ashes of Victory
War of Honor
At All Costs
Mission of Honor (forthcoming)


Crown of Slaves
(with Eric Flint)
Torch of Freedom (with Eric Flint; forthcoming)
The Shadow of Saganami
Storm from the Shadows

edited by David Weber:

More than Honor
Worlds of Honor
Changer of Worlds
The Service of the Sword

Mutineers' Moon
The Armageddon Inheritance
Heirs of Empire
Empire from the Ashes
In Fury Born

The Apocalypse Troll

The Excalibur Alternative

Old Soldiers

Oath of Swords
The War God's Own
Wind Rider's Oath

with Steve White:

In Death Ground
The Stars At War
The Shiva Option
The Stars At War II

with Eric Flint:

1634: The Baltic War

with John Ringo:

March Upcountry
March to the Sea
March to the Stars
We Few

with Linda Evans:

Hell's Gate
Hell Hath No Fury