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Welcome to Baen Ebooks, purveyors of DRM-free ebooks. This means you can enjoy your ebooks on as many eReaders as you choose for no additional cost.

Browse this month's new releases below: eARC, Ebook, Grantville Gazette. (Want to know what an eARC is? click here to find out.)

As of December 16th, 2012, Baen ebooks are now available for sale at other vendors as well as at this site. At the same time, prices for our individual ebooks were raised to meet the rest of the market. Titles available in print as hardcovers only will be $9.99, trade paperbacks $8.99, and mass market paperbacks $6.99. As part of the adjustment, we have also raised ebook royalties to authors by 25%.

Available exclusively at Baen.com are eARCs and serialized monthly bundles at our previous prices. There is a significant change from our previous practice in the availability of the bundles: once the books for a given month are printed and the books made available individually at other sellers, these bundles will not be available for orders. For example, books labeled January 2013 were available for sale only until December 2012.

Baen Monthly Bundles are available for purchase until the 15th of each month. In order to give purchasers the full final day in which to order, individual titles will be released for sale on the 16th of each month. (Previously they had been available on the 15th.)

Happy reading!

CoverSlavers of the Savage Catacombs - eARC
by Jon F. Merz

Ninjas versus Slave Drivers! Book 2 in the Shadow Warrior saga.

When Ran, the Shadow Warrior, is dispatched to investigate rumors of an invasion massing to the north, he signs on as protection for a trade caravan. But once underway, the caravan is attacked by an overwhelming force of slavers who take Ran and several others captive. Dragged into the bowels of the earth as slave labor for a despot‑in‑exile eager to reclaim his throne, Ran must make a desperate escape with his friends if he has any hope of uncovering the truth about the invasion above ground. But there's more at play than a mere power struggle in the catacombs, and the earth does not give up its secrets easily—even for Ran, the Shadow Warrior.

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CoverIt's Up to Charlie Hardin - eARC
by Dean Ing

An adventure‑filled coming of age story set in World War II era Austin, Texas.

It is the summer of 1942, and young teen Charlie Hardin has been set loose on the streets of Austin, Texas with only one command from his parents: stay out of trouble. Charlie means to do just that. He never wants to disobey, but sometimes in a boy's life situations come up that he cannot ignore and still be true‑blue to his own restless soul. And when that time comes . . .

It's up to Charlie Hardin.

It's up to Charlie Hardin when a secret path over a wall topped with glass shards needs cutting through an ancient oak, even if that means venturing out on the brittle ends of tree limbs where any fall could break an arm, a leg–or a neck.

It's up to Charlie Hardin when a dog‑shooting neighbor must be taught to keep his hands off Charlie's loyal best friend, even if that means inventing the world's most effective long‑range pumpkin slingshot.

And it's up to Charlie Hardin to explore a boy‑sized storm culvert that leads into darkness simply because that's what a red‑blooded boy has to do, even if it leads to the heart of a perilous criminal plot built on Nazi schemes and greed.

Charlie understands that, no matter the cost, when danger arrives at his doorstep, to be brave, resolute, clever–and sometimes just a tiny bit nuts–is the only thing that counts, when all is said and done. For the one surefire ingredient every glorious summer adventure always requires is a willing and resolute adventurer. And in Austin, Texas, in the summer of 1942, that adventurer comes in the form of one unstoppable young teenager named Charlie Hardin!

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CoverCarousel Seas - eARC
by Sharon Lee

Sequel to National Bestseller Carousel Sun.


Welcome to Archers Beach in the Changing Land, the last and least of the Six Worlds, where magic works, sometimes, and the Guardian husbands the vitality of the land and everyone on it ‑‑ earth spirit and plain human alike.

Kate Archer, Guardian and carousel‑keeper, has been busy making some changes of her own, notably beginning a romantic relationship with Borgan, the Guardian of the Gulf of Maine, Kate's opposite number, and, some would say, her natural mate.

Oh, and she's been instrumental in releasing the prisoners that had been bound into the carousel animals ‑‑ which she's inclined to think is a good thing. . .

Until a former sea goddess sets up housekeeping in the Gulf of Maine, challenging Borgan's authority; endangering Kate and everything she holds precious.

. . .because the goddess has fallen in love in Borgan; and she'll stop at nothing to possess him.

Archers Beach is about to suffer a sea‑change ‑‑ and the question is whether Kate can survive it.

Nationally best‑selling co‑creator of the Liaden Universe® saga, Lee brings high energy action and romance to this tale of contemporary fantasy and redemption.

Order Now

CoverStrands of Sorrow - eARC
by John Ringo

BOOK 4 AND CONCLUSION OF THE BLACK TIDE RISING SERIES FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BEST‑SELLING AUTHOR. Sequel to Islands of Rage and Hope, To Sail a Darkling Sea, and Under a Graveyard Sky.

With the world consumed by a devastating plague that drives humans violently insane, what was once a band of desperate survivors bobbing on a dark Atlantic ocean has now become Wolf Squadron, the only hope for the salvation of the human race. Banding together with what remains of the U.S. Navy, Wolf Squadron, and its leader Steve Smith, not only plans to survive—he plans to retake the mainland from the infected, starting with North America.

Smith's teenage daughters have become zombie hunters of unparalleled skill, both at land and on the sea, and they may hold the key to the rebirth of civilization on a devastated planet.

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CoverSpell Blind - eARC
by David B. Coe

Book #1 in The Case Files of Justis Fearsson, a new contemporary fantasy series from fantasy all-star David B. Coe. A hardboiled, magic-using private detective hunts a serial killer in Phoenix, Arizona.

Justis Fearsson is a private investigator on the trail of a serial killer in Phoenix, Arizona. Justis is also a weremyste—a person with a wizard’s gifts and the ability to see into the paranormal world. Unfortunately, weremystes also tend to go crazy on the full moon—which is why Justis is no longer a cop. Hard to explain those absences as anything but mental breakdown. But now an old case from his police detective days has come back to haunt him, literally, as a serial killer known as the Blind Angel strikes again. His signature stroke: burning out the victims’ eyes with magic. Now the victims are piling up, including the daughter of a senator, and Justis must race to stop the Blind Angel before he, she, or it kills again. There’s only one clue he’s got to go on: the Blind Angel is using the most powerful magic Justis has ever encountered, and if he doesn’t watch his own magical step, he may end up just as dead as the other vics.

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CoverParadigms Lost - eARC
by Ryk E. Spoor

Being an expert in information searches, image processing and enhancement, pattern matching, and data forensics earned Jason Wood a lot of money – from private contracts and working with the police. And it was a nice, comfortable job most of the time. But then an informant showed up dead on his doorstep, a photograph didn't show someone who'd been in the viewfinder when the picture was taken, and Jason's world is suddenly turned upside‑down.

Against things that violate the very reality he thought he understood, Jason has only three weapons: his best friend Sylvie, his talent for seeing patterns… and his ability to think beyond the pattern and see a solution that no one else imagined. Against the darkness of the unknown, the greatest weapon is the light of reason.

A vastly expanded and revised edition of Digital Knight, Ryk E. Spoor's first published novel, Paradigms Lost adds two brand new adventures for Jason and includes many chapters of additional material within the originals.

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CoverCollision: Book Four of the Secret World Chronicle - eARC
by Mercedes Lackey, Cody Martin, Dennis Lee, & Veronica Giguere

From New York Times best‑seller and science fiction and fantasy mistress of adventure Mercedes Lackey, Book #4 in the pulse‑pounding SECRET WORLD saga of modern‑day humans with superpowers. The metaheroes deal with the consequences of their superpowers, but the evil Thulian threat lies in wait.

Destroying the Thulian North American Headquarters has not made life easier for ECHO, or the world. The Thulians continue their attacks, first in unpredictable incursions, then with another all‑out assault on ECHO, orchestrated against ECHO headquarters across the world.

Dominic Verdigris has not given up on his effort to obtain The Seraphym for himself, in order to use her to avert his own fate at the hands of the Thulians. Nor have the heroes of ECHO and the CCCP found life anything but harder.

Belladonna's duties have increased a thousand‑fold, and now she has responsibility for the lives of every metahuman in ECHO on her conscience. Obviously using the intelligence gathered from the raid on the North American Thulian base to find the main Headquarters is of paramount importance‑‑but once it is found, can she manage to convince the armies of the world to follow ECHO into an all‑out attack?

Then Red Saviour risks everything on a risky gambit of her own: send her "wolves" of the CCCP to find the Thulian Headquarters, despite the dangers, and despite the consequences of blowing everything on this hazardous gambit that could very well end, not in victory, but with the world in flames.

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CoverUndercity - eARC
by Catherine Asaro

BOOK ONE IN A BRAND NEW SERIES by Nebula and Hugo Award Winner Catherine Asaro set in the world of her Skolian Empire universe

Major Bhaajan, a former military officer with Imperial Space Command, is now a hard‑bitten P.I. with a load of baggage to deal with, and clients with woes sometimes personal, sometimes galaxy‑shattering, and sometimes both. Bhaajan must sift through the shadows of dark and dangerous Undercity—the enormous capital of a vast star empire—to find answers.

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Grantville Gazette Volume 55
created by Eric Flint
edited by Paula Goodlett

Once again, me hearties!

Oops. Wrong file.

Grantville Gazette, Volume 55 is ready and raring for reading. This volume starts off with Bjorn Hasseler's "Occupied Saxony," a very interesting tale. Which, of course, is followed by another, Kevin H. and Karen C. Evans' "Murder and Chocolate," all about skullduggery in Denmark.

Two new—to us—writers join us for this volume, Tim Sayeau with "Decisions of State," and Eric S Brown leaves his own universe to join the 1632 universe with "The Magic of the Speedster." We know you'll enjoy them, as well as "Gifts of Providence" by Terry Howard and Jack Carroll.

Rainer Prem continues his serial, "Ein feste Burg" with Episode Sixteen, an intriguing tale of, well, intrigue. Good stuff. And Virginia DeMarce continues "An Uneasy Kind of Peace," with Episode Four, all building up to big revelations yet to come.

Our Time Spike department has Garrett W. Vance's "The Mysterious Mesa, Part Five: Horses of a Different Color," and boy are they different! And Frances Silversmith takes the Universe Annex in a new direction with "Net-working."

All this, and Kristine Kathryn Rusch's Notes From The Buffer Zone column, "The Cutting Edge."

You just can't beat it. Grantville Gazette, Volume 55, waiting for you.

Order Now

Eric Flint's Islands Eric Flint's Islands
An Audio Drama Based on the Novella by Eric Flint
Price: $6.99 
More Info
It's Up to Charlie Hardin - eARC It's Up to Charlie Hardin - eARC
by Dean Ing
Price: $15.00 
More Info
Strands of Sorrow - eARC Strands of Sorrow - eARC
by John Ringo
Price: $15.00 
More Info
Carousel Seas - eARC Carousel Seas - eARC
by Sharon Lee
Price: $15.00 
More Info
Slavers of the Savage Catacombs - eARC Slavers of the Savage Catacombs - eARC
by Jon F. Merz
Price: $15.00 
More Info
WF201410 October 2014 Wordfire Press Books WF201410 October 2014 Wordfire Press Books

Price: $41.94 
More Info
The Non-User-Friendly Guide for Aspiring TV Writers The Non-User-Friendly Guide for Aspiring TV Writers
by Steven L. Sears
Price: $6.99 
More Info
Drawing on the Power of Resonance in Writing Drawing on the Power of Resonance in Writing
by David Farland
Price: $6.99 
More Info
Million Dollar Outlines Million Dollar Outlines
by David Farland
Price: $6.99 
More Info
Million Dollar Productivity Million Dollar Productivity
by Kevin J. Anderson
Price: $6.99 
More Info
Million Dollar Professionalism for the Writer Million Dollar Professionalism for the Writer
by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta
Price: $6.99 
More Info
Million Dollar Book Signings Million Dollar Book Signings
by David Farland
Price: $6.99 
More Info
Gardner Dozois Bundle 2 Gardner Dozois Bundle 2

Edited by Gardner Dozois

  • Galileo's Children: Tales of Science vs. Superstition
  • One Million A.D.
  • Slow Dancing Through Time

Price: $14.97 
More Info
Galileo's Children: Tales of Science vs. Superstition Galileo's Children: Tales of Science vs. Superstition
Edited by Gardner Dozois
Price: $4.99 
More Info
One Million A.D. One Million A.D.
Edited by Gardner Dozois
Price: $4.99 
More Info
Slow Dancing Through Time Slow Dancing Through Time
Edited by Gardner Dozois
Price: $4.99 
More Info
Ford Street Bundle 4 Ford Street Bundle 4

Price: $26.85 
More Info
Coming of Age, Volume 2: Endless Conflict Coming of Age, Volume 2: Endless Conflict
by Thomas T. Thomas
Price: $2.99 
More Info
Coming of Age, Volume 1: Eternal Life Coming of Age, Volume 1: Eternal Life
by Thomas T. Thomas
Price: $2.99 
More Info
Coming of Age Bundle Coming of Age Bundle

Price: $5.98 
More Info
1636: The Viennese Waltz 1636: The Viennese Waltz
by Eric Flint, Paula Goodlett & Gorg Huff
Price: $9.99 
More Info
The Sword of Michael The Sword of Michael
by Marcus Wynne
Price: $8.99 
More Info
Shattered Shields Shattered Shields
by Jennifer Brozek and Bryan Thomas Schmidt
Price: $8.99 
More Info
Hope Reformed Hope Reformed
by David Drake, Eric Flint & S.M. Stirling
Price: $8.99 
More Info
The Virgin of Zesh and the Tower of Zanid The Virgin of Zesh and the Tower of Zanid
by L. Sprague de Camp
Price: $6.99 
More Info

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